Can Rhinos be Saved From Going Extinct?

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With big-scale poaching causing the once-abundant rhino population to dive to extinction level, one Seattle-based biotech startup has provide you with a deceivingly easy thought to stave demand of the rhino’s coveted horns: produce false ones Current rhino population. Consistent … Continued

Printed Food Yum.

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3D Printed Food, Very Tasty Indeed One Of The Most exciting factors of 3D printing is the ability to print many types of food, such as snacks, candy, deserts and meals. It’s one area that catches most everybody’s attention as they … Continued

Development of 2D and 3D projects

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3D printing is gratifying, and many are excited and look forward to now not just simply discovering out concerning the technology but furthermore making an attempt with their hand at producing their own 3D printed units. and now that’s no longer … Continued

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