Over 500,000 Businesses Ask This Question Every Year: My Hewlett Packard Design Jet Plotter or HP Laser Jet Printer is Broken, is it Worth Repairing or Replacing?

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(PRWEB) April 03, 2015

Premier Printer Services provides a list of tips, options and facts regarding repair or replacement of your Hewlett Packard plotter or printer.

What you should know?

In many cases experienced technicians have noted that printers or plotters need replacement supplies, and or removal of small debris or a paper jam to resolve common problems.

Save money before calling the service guy!

What you should do?

1. Check the supplies level and expiration dates of all printer and plotter supplies, cartridges and print heads.

2. Safety first: turn off the printer, then check for any debris or paper that may be stuck in the paper print path.

3. Try turning off the machine for 5 minutes so the equipment can reset and then turn back on in some cases the error might clear on its own.

Questions to consider:

Is the HP plotter or HP printer out of the standard 12 month warranty period, or out of contract, or out of a HP care pack agreement coverage?

Does the color laser jet, laser jet printer or Design Jet Large Format equipment need a new HP maintenance kit?

Have my business needs changed to where I now need a faster machine to complete my regular printing tasks?

Most often all those questions must be considered first before making a good decision on repairing or replacing your HP Design Jet or HP Laser Jet printer.

Premier Printer Services for 20 years plus has been providing repairs and service by certified tested factory trained experienced HP technicians and all the while by using HP original parts. With just a few clicks http://www.premierprinterservices.com or a phone call to 1.800.836.9287 and some information help is available.

If repairs are needed, order a service call and or a original high quality new maintenance kit for any one of these machines the laser jet, color LaserJet or design jet printers.

HP Plotter Installation and set-up services

Service Contracts

Original HP parts

Certified HP and Lexmark technicians

Repaired printers receive 30 day warranties parts and labor included

Simple and quick no-obligation quote in 2 minutes

Order online http://www.premierprinterservices.com


Maintenance kits

Frequently asked questions

Who uses the Premier Printer Services Repair website?

All types of businesses, small, medium and large, state and federal government institutions law firms and accountants, Insurance , engineering and manufactures, importers and exporters and businesses requiring onsite repairs for printers that are out of warranty or out of contract. This site is also for customers who need to change their maintenance kits irrespective of their warranty status. Additional offerings include onsite services for HP LaserJet mono and color, Multi-function printers, HP Design jets.

What additional services can we assist with?

In addition to providing exceptional HP plotter printer repairs, installation service and HP maintenance kit services, newly offered is a subscription based 12-month service agreement extension which can now be requested.

For fast onsite local design jet repair and laser jet service call 1.800.836.9287

laser printerOver 500,000 Businesses Ask This Question Every Year: My Hewlett Packard Design Jet Plotter or HP Laser Jet Printer is Broken, is it Worth Repairing or Replacing?

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